Why Canva Pro?

If you want to create graphics and marketing materials in Canva that look consistently polished and on-brand, you’re going to consider whether it’s time to upgrade to Canva Pro.

Read on to learn my top 3 reasons to upgrade to Pro!

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#1 – The Brand Kit

With Canva Pro’s brand kit, it becomes significantly easier to customize templates so they look consistently on brand for your business.

It also ensures you always have all of your brand assets (logos, colors and fonts) at your fingertips, which makes your time in Canva more efficient.

✅ Tip: Learn more in the Brand Kit tutorial I recorded for Canva’s official YouTube channel here.

#2 – Magic Resize

You will often find yourself in a position where you want to be able to quickly copy one design into new dimensions. For example, maybe you’ll want to easily resize an Instagram post design into a Pinterest pin.

You can do this when you have Canva Pro, using their one-click design resize feature, saving you a TON of time.

✅ Tip: Learn more about using resize in this tutorial.

#3 – Premium Stock Library

With Canva Pro you’ll have access to Canva’s full stock and template libraries, including 100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio and graphics (I love the icons and illustrations, myself!) and 610,000+ premium and free templates.


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