Why Canva Pro?

If you want to create graphics and marketing materials in Canva that look consistently polished and professional, it’s time to upgrade to Canva Pro.

Read on to learn the top reasons to upgrade to Canva Pro! ↓

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My Top Canva Pro features

The Brand Kit

With Canva Pro's brand kit, it becomes significantly easier to customize templates so they look consistently on brand for your business.

Custom Fonts

Get access to a wider range of fonts for your designs and the ability to upload your custom brand fonts into your Canva account.

Magic Switch

No need to re-create new designs from scratch for new dimensions. With Magic Switch, you can copy and resize designs in a click, saving tons of time.

Premium Stock Library

Access to Canva's full premium stock library, including not just photos but also all sorts of premium icons, illustrations, video and audio.

Premium Templates

Access to Canva's full template library. You do have access to a wide variety of templates on the free plan, but significantly more on Pro.

Transparent Images

You can only download designs with a transparent background (i.e. without a white or other color square in the background) in Canva Pro.

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Where is the 45 Day Free Trial of Canva Pro?

As a Canva Verified Expert, I used to have a wonderful extra perk of being able to offer my community an extended 45 Days Canva Pro trial instead of the standard 30 day trial.

But all good things must come to an end, right? 😜

Canva has decided to standardize their free trial offer to 30 days across the board, and as a result, the 45 day Canva Pro trial will only be available until April 30, 2024, and will switch to a 30 day trial thereafter.

But read on below to find out how you can maximize your 30 day Canva Pro free trial with my free Canva mini course, You’ve Got Canva Pro… Now What?

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Free Canva Pro Trial
In full transparency, that is an affiliate link!

Free Canva Course

“You’ve Got Canva Pro… Now What?”

Learn how to maximize your Canva Pro free trial or your new Canva Pro account! 

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What’s Included in the Free Course?

Canva Pro Features

Learn about the main features you'll find on Canva Pro that you don't have access to on Canva's free plan.

Canva Pro Tutorials

Get access to tutorial videos designed to help you confidently use Canva and maximize your Canva Pro account.

Canva Pro Resources

Additional free and paid resources designed to help you learn to use and master Canva for your business.

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In full transparency, that is an affiliate link!

Canva Verified Expert, natural organizer, patient teacher, and lover of online tech (and cake)

In kindergarten, while my classmates played with dolls and dress up clothes, I could be found sorting marbles and buttons and other items in the drawers of my teacher’s storage cabinet… according to shape, colour, and size.

I’ve always loved bringing order to things in my environment, whether it’s paperclips and gel pens or filing cabinets and websites.

Long before I became a Canva Verified Expert, I worked as a professional organizer specializing in taming piles of paper and creating intuitive filing systems for professionals and business owners.

My passion for organizing has followed me everywhere and makes my life that much easier when the world is stressful. I might not know what’s happening tomorrow, but at least I know where everything is!

An entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I understand the importance of consistency in building a brand, and as Canva expert, I’ve taught thousands of small business owners how to make professional looking graphics in Canva, in the most efficient way possible.

Canva Pro Trial FAQ

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Canva has decided to standardize their free trial offer to 30 days across the board and as a result, the 45 day free trial of Canva Pro expired after April 30, 2024.

You can pay for a Pro subscription either monthly or annually, but the specific amount you are charged will depend on your country, your currency and whether you have any team members.

I would recommend you check out Canva’s pricing page here in order to determine what your monthly or annual cost will be.

As long as you cancel the Pro subscription prior to the end of your free trial, you won’t be charged a single penny and your account will revert to a free plan. Any Pro features you utilized during the trial will no longer be available, including Pro specific tools like the Brand Kit.

If you go to the Billing area of your Canva account’s Settings page, you should be able to cancel the subscription from there.

Quite a lot! Make sure to sign up for my free You’ve Got Canva Pro… Now What? mini course, which will help you learn about the key differences between the free and Pro plans.

I want to make sure that when you sign up for a trial, you know how to maximize that time so you can better determine if the Pro plan is right for you.

You can also take the free Do I Need Canva Pro? quiz to help you answer that question.

Try Canva Pro for Free

Free Canva Pro Trial
In full transparency, that is an affiliate link!

You’ve Got Canva Pro… Now What?

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