Canva Resources for [Industry] Business Owners

Learn how to use Canva from a Canva Verified Expert!

You’ve made the decision to create branded images in Canva instead of hiring a designer. You’re saving thousands of dollars per year.

But just how much is that learning curve costing you?

With these resources from Canva Verified Expert Brenda Cadman, you’ll be able to use Canva more effectively and efficiently in your business.

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How to Share Designs to Your Team

Brand Templates vs Template Links

Canva's Glow Up: A Tour

Canva Freebies

Free Cheat Sheet

Canva Organization Roadmap

Free Quiz

Do You Need Canva Pro?

Free Mini Course

So You've Got Canva Pro... Now What?

Canva Courses

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$27 usd / $35 cad

Image Organization 101

$67 usd / $85 cad

Canva for Beginners

$97 usd / $125 cad

Clean Up My Canva

$97 usd / $125 cad

Canva for Business

$227 usd / $287 cad

Course Bundle

You’ve Got Canva Pro… Now What?

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Canva Organization Roadmap

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