In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how you can align and position text within a Canva design!

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Let me show you some of the ways that you can align text in a design.

I’ve got a bit of text ready to go here and when I select it, you’ll see the various options come up here as you’re probably accustomed to, and this icon right here is for alignment.

So you can see that my text is currently left aligned. If I click on this button again, it is going to center it and then click it again will right align it. Clicking again will justify it, and then if I click it one more time, it’s going to bring me back to the left alignment.

But there are other ways that you can align your text by using the position tab over here. You’re going to see that you can align it to the page — I can align it to the top, the left, the middle, the center, the bottom and the right.

So this is a handy tool to use if you’re trying to get your texts perfectly positioned. Let’s say you wanted to ensure that your text was dead center of a design. You could simply click on middle and center, and then that’ll put it directly into the very center of the page.

You can also do it manually though by dragging the text along until you see these pink lines, and if you see that cross hatch right in the middle there, you’ll know that you’ve got whatever the item is dead center on the design.

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