While charts aren’t an element that I use a ton of in my business, it’s kind of a neat tool to know how to use and Canva has introduced a variety of infographic friendly chart options that I think you’ll find a fun addition to your designs.

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you where to find the infographic chart elements and how to customize them.

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Canva recently introduced some new options into the charts area of elements, and I think that you’ll be interested in playing with these if you have any desire to create infographic designs for your business.

You’ll see the pictogram features here and you’re able to choose from a variety of pictogram icons, including people, transportation, and a variety of other kinds of icons.

You can specify the total number of items in your pictogram and you can also specify the number of fill items, and then you can change the colour of both of those icons as well.

And you can also adjust the spacing of the pictograms.

I also love some of these other interactive chart elements that you might want to use as part of an infographic, such as the progress ring.

In this progress ring chart, I can change the percentage being filled, I can change the line weight, and I can also turn the percentage label on or off, and then I can also choose whether to have rounded end points.

I also have control over the brand colours being used so I can change the colours being used in this ring chart as well.

Then you can also take the same approach with the progress bar, the radial progress, and the progress dial chart options.

You’ll also find a lot of infographic templates already available on Canva that you can use as a starting point. These are utilizing these new infographic chart type icons, and if you go to your Canva homepage and search on “infographic,” you’ll see that you’ll get a ton of results to start with.

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