Ever wondered how to quickly create a drop shadow, backdrop, glow or any other type of shadow on an image?

In this Canva tip video, I’ll show you where to find the Shadows effect feature and how to use it to create shadows in your Canva designs.

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I want to show you how to use the shadows effect and I’ve just chosen a random image here. Now I’ve chosen one that has a transparent background that is just cut out because I think it’s going to give me a little more control over the shadow.

But you could use any sort of image that you want if you wanted to add a shadow to it. It could be rectangular, it could be square, whatever you want to use, but we’ll just use this for now.

So what you’re going to do is you’re going to select it by clicking on the photo that you want to add the shadow to, and you’re going to click on the effects button here. What you’re going to see if this is the first time that you’re using the shadows effect is that it doesn’t appear up at the top here because it’s not enabled in your account.

You’re going to look under “you may also like” and if you look for shadows, and then click on connect, it’s going to add it into your account and now you can see it added up top here.

So with my image still selected, I’m going to click on “see all” so I can see all of the shadow options that are available to me, and you’ll see that it’s currently selected on “none.”

I’m just going to choose a standard drop shadow, and you’ll see that it has automatically added a default drop shadow here, but I have a little bit of a flexibility in changing that.

If you click on the little icon that appears now that the drop shadow has been selected, you’re going to see that you can change the position of your shadow, from top to top right, right and so on, these different options here.

I can also change the offset settings.

I can change the angle of the shadow.

I can change the level of transparency on the shadow as well, so for example, if I wanted to make it lighter, I can have it down here. If I want it to be darker, I can move it up.

And then I can also change the blur settings.

Finally, I can change the colour if I wanted to make a colour that was red, I could do that. If I want to make it more of an orange or yellow drop shadow, I can do that as well.

And then finally, if you want to just reset to the default settings, you can click on the reset option here.

When you have your shadow the way that you want it, you simply click on “apply” and there you go.

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