You have a business to run.

But you’re wasting so much time inside of Canva trying to create all of your graphics, lead magnets, slide decks, workbooks, and so on that you’re not sure when the marketing part of your business is ever going to happen.

Every time you open Canva, you end up staring at a blank page and you don’t know how to move forward.

You often find yourself making endless revisions, spending hours on a Canva design task that should only take 15 minutes if you knew what to do.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Or everything you create looks like cookie-cutter templates.

They’re definitely not the beautiful, branded images and designs you want to create. You know, like the ones your favourite influencer has, that you badly want for your own course or marketing materials.

But then, you’re relatively new to your business and you certainly don’t have the extra marketing budget to be spending on a professional designer.

I see you.

You don’t need to be a professional designer to create beautiful designs.

You just need a trusted source of knowledge and guidance so you can learn how to use Canva to create the materials required to launch your course or support your business.

Introducing my Canva Course + Template Collection Bundle

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Included in the Bundle:

The Canva Course Suite

Get a full lesson listing for each course in the FAQ.

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Canva for Beginners

Build your foundational Canva skills and confidence with this introduction to Canva course.

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Canva for Business

Learn to create lead magnets, social graphics, presentations and other marketing materials.

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Clean Up My Canva

Turn your hot mess Canva account into an efficient, organized and intuitive Canva filing cabinet.

Included in the Bundle:

The Template CollectioN

The Social Media Bundle

The Lead Magnet Bundle

The Course Creator Bundle

The Client Services Bundle

The Brand Board Bundle

The Roadmap Template Bundle

Get the Canva Course Bundle

Canva Verified Expert, natural organizer, patient teacher, and lover of online tech (and cake)

In kindergarten, while my classmates played with dolls and dress up clothes, I could be found sorting marbles and buttons and other items in the drawers of my teacher’s storage cabinet… according to shape, colour, and size.

I’ve always loved bringing order to things in my environment, whether it’s paperclips and gel pens or filing cabinets and websites.

Long before I became a Canva Verified Expert, I worked as a professional organizer specializing in taming piles of paper and creating intuitive filing systems for professionals and business owners.

My passion for organizing has followed me everywhere and makes my life that much easier when the world is stressful. I might not know what’s happening tomorrow, but at least I know where everything is!

I want to bring that same peace of mind to your Canva account so you can spend less time looking for things in Canva and more time growing your business and enjoying your life.

Get the Canva Course Bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need to have Canva Pro to benefit from this course.

You can purchase access to any of the 3 courses contained in the bundle via the Courses page here.

The courses focuses specifically on the standard desktop browser version of Canva and does not include any lessons about the mobile app version.

You’ll have immediate access to all of the lessons as soon as you join! These are self-paced courses, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll receive a welcome email with your unique login details to access the course website.

While Canva support is not included as part of the course or bundle purchase, as a customer you will get an invite to join the Canva Support Hub, my Facebook group for students and clients. However, what you’re purchasing is the course and template bundle, not the Facebook group access. While I don’t have any plans to close that group at this time, it is possible it may be retired in the future.

Module 1: Get Started
Includes 4 lessons: Choose Your Plan; The Canva Dashboard; The Design Editor; How to Create Folders

Module 2: Introduction to Elements
Includes 6 lessons: Text; Lines & Shapes; Graphics & Photos; Video & Audio; Frames & Grids; Tables & Charts

Module 3: The Brand Kit
Includes 5 lessons: Logos; Colours; Fonts; Photos, Graphics & Icons; Creating Multiple Brand Kits

Module 4: Introduction to Templates
Includes 4 lessons: How to Find & Choose a Template; How to Customize a Template; How to Resize a Design; How to Save & Share a Template

Module 1: Lead Magnets & PDFs
Includes 4 lessons: Ebooks & Guides; Checklists; Worksheets & Workbooks; How to Make PDFs Fillable

Module 2: Social Content
Includes 5 lessons: Social Media Images; Mockup Images; Banner & Header Images; Roadmaps; Infographics

Module 3: Presentations
Includes 4 lessons: Creating Presentations; Animations & Transitions; Presenting in Canva; Recording in Canva

Module 1: Tackle the Mess
Includes 5 lessons: Organization Basics; Delete & Archive; Review & Rename; Plan & Create Your Folders; Maintain Your Organization

Module 2: Start Fresh
Includes 5 lessons: Organization Basics; Clear the Deck; Plan & Create Your Folders; Naming Best Practices; Maintain Your Organization

Bonus Trainings
Includes 2 bonus trainings: How to Customize Folder Thumbnails; How to Customize Folder Banners

You will have lifetime access to the lesson videos, which means you can go at your own pace and revisit the videos anytime you need. If the course is ever retired, you will be given at least 2 weeks notification and an opportunity to download the lessons first. So no need to feel rushed.

If you need step-by-step lessons to help you build your foundational Canva skills, I know the courses in this bundle will help you get started. However, if you feel like you don’t learn anything new or helpful, email me within 7 days from your purchase of the bundle and I’ll happily refund you.

Still on the fence? Send my team an email with your questions.

Get the Canva Course Bundle

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