Canva‘s new Glow Up interface was announced at Canva Create on May 23, 2024 and the first million users to opt in for it have had the opportunity to gain early access to the Glow up.

If you were one of those million users, by now you may have had a chance to play around with the new interface and while some are loving it, others have expressed that it’s an update they aren’t as thrilled about.

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Anytime there’s a change in a platform interface, there’s always going to be a learning curve, but if you updated and you’re wishing you could revert your Canva to the previous layout, don’t worry, you can undo the update and return back to the old Canva interface for the time being.

In order to do that, you just need to go to the settings area of your Canva account, where you will find this option to return to the original layout.

Please note that this will not be a permanent option, and once the Glow Up rolls out to all users, which I believe will happen over the next few months, you will need to use the updated Glow Up interface.

But in the meantime, if you’re not quite ready to make that switch, this is an option for you.

Also, if you want to provide feedback to Canva about your experience using the new Glow Up, including feature updates you like as well as what changes you’re finding to have a negative impact on usability, not only are they accepting of feedback, they actually highly encourage it.

To that end, you will find an option in your Canva account settings area where you can provide your feedback specifically about Canva’s Glow Up.

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