You can create as many folders and sub folders as you need on Canva, but there is a limit to how many levels you can create before you lose the ability to create additional sub folders.

In this quick Canva tip video, I’ll tell you what to expect and how to work around the limitations.

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The only limitation to be aware of is that you can only create a folder structure that is 5 levels deep, so you won’t want to get too granular with your folders because you will be prohibited from going more than five levels.

So let me show you what I mean.

Let’s create a folder called Courses.

And I’ll create another one within that called Signature Course.

Then I’ll create a folder called Modules underneath that.

Then I’ll do a couple more folders within each of those… one for Module 1, and then Lesson Slide Decks.

When I open Lesson Slide Decks, you’ll now see that the option to add another subfolder is gone.

If you have a filing structure that narrows further and further down like this, you may run into this limitation and have to adjust your file system to account for it.

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