In this training you will learn:

Key #1: Choosing Your Canva Platform

The differences between Canva Free and Canva Pro and how to know when it’s time to upgrade.

Key #2: Getting Organized in Canva

Why it’s so important to get organized in your Canva account to ensure you’re as efficient as possible with your Canva time (take it from a former professional organizer!)

Key #3: The Canva Brand Kit

How to utilize Canva’s brand kit to ensure that everything you create in Canva looks consistently branded (it’ll also help you kick overwhelm to the curb!)

Key #4: Template Best Practices

What to look for when choosing a template and best practices to apply your own branding to them, so your graphics and marketing materials always look custom and never cookie-cutter.

does any of this sound familiar?

  • You feel completely overwhelmed when you open up Canva to create a new design.
  • You’ve spent far too many hours staring at a blank page in the Canva design editor and you want to reclaim that time to spend on your business ‘zone of genius.’
  • Your graphics always seem to end up looking completely cookie cutter.
  • You’re confused about how to create consistently branded designs in Canva that attract your ideal customer.

This masterclass is a must attend for:

  • Online Course Creators (create your course materials more quickly and easily!)
  • Virtual Assistants (better Canva design skills = more paying projects!)
  • Coaches, Consultants and Creative Professionals (create graphics and marketing materials that prospective clients instantly recognize as part of your brand)

Or any other small business owners who wants to know how to create more compelling, professional, branded designs in Canva… without the overwhelm.

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    Meet Your Instructor

    Hi! I’m Brenda Cadman!

    I’m a website educator and course creator. I am the owner/operator of Bon Accord Creative, a WordPress development company based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

    And I’m also a lover of Canva, and a Canva Certified Creative.

    I’ve been using Canva avidly since 2014, and I quickly realized that it was going to be a tremendous benefit to not only my bottom line, but also the efficiency of my business, if I learned how to create my own social media images, lead magnets, and other “on the fly” graphic needs.

    Over the years I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning how to use Canva in the most efficient, effective way for my small business, and I’m excited to share some of those best practices with you in this live masterclass!

      You’ll also get Canva & website education and resources delivered to your inbox weekly.
      Unsubscribe anytime in a click.