Your Canva account is a hot mess.

You’re already Canva power user… in other words, you’re drowning in a LOT of content in your Canva account.

You’ve dabbled in creating folders and tried to create some sort of order and organization… but you *still* can’t quickly find your designs and images when you need them.

And now it’s hindering your ability to get work done for your own clients.

the Canva Organization Intensive

Hi, I’m Brenda Cadman and I’m a Canva Verified Expert.

I help creative service providers create an organized and intuitive Canva filing system so they can banish their Canva clutter, and quickly create design content without wasting time or energy.

What You Get

  • A 45-minute pre-VIP Day strategy call to create a plan of action for organizing your account.
  • Complimentary access to my Clean Up My Canva course
  • 8 hours of my time on the VIP Day to focus on organizing your hot mess Canva account.
  • A wrap up video outlining the organization that was performed and recommendations on how to maintain the new organization system long into the future.
  • 30 days of post-intensive support via email, Voxer or Messenger.

I offer only 3 Canva Organization VIP Day spots per month.

$2000 USD or $2500 CAD

How it Works

Step 1: You book a Discovery Call and we have a chat to make sure we’re a fit to work together.

Step 2: You book your Canva Organization Intensive and receive access to your VIP Day Portal, including your onboarding workbook, access to my Canva Organization mini course, and the link to book your pre-Intensive strategy call.

Step 3: You submit your workbook and we have our strategy call via Zoom, to come up with a clear plan of action for creating your Canva Filing Cabinet.

Step 4: It’s Canva Organization Intensive day! I spend the whole day (9am-5pm Atlantic Time) whipping your Canva account into an organized and intuitive filing cabinet. You make yourself available via Voxer or Messenger to answer questions as they come up, but for the most part, I work behind the scenes.

Step 5: I send you a wrap up video outlining what was done and how you can best maintain your newly organized Canva account so that it remains an efficient filing cabinet as you continue to create Canva content long into the future.

You’ll also have 30 days of Voxer or Messenger access to me to ask any follow up organization questions as you use your new Canva filing cabinet.

Sarah Guilliot

“Thanks to Brenda, I now have a Canva account that I’m confident using. So confident that I was able to sit down and load up 100 of my favorite stock photos into it (in the folder system she made), and create 52 new social media designs in just a few hours. If I still had my messy account…that project would remain undone. Instead, I have content to share once per week for an entire year of social media. Wow!”

Sarah Guilliot, Sarah Design Agency

Beth Kocol

“Knowing that you were working your magic while I focused on other “more important” things was gold for me! I love the icons for my folder systems and the brand templates, too!”

Beth Kocol, Studio 320 Virtual Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

My Canva Organization Intensives are currently priced at USD$2,000 or CAD$2,500 (plus applicable GST/HST). To book your spot, you will be required to pay 50% of the current price, though if you prefer to pay in full, arrangements can be made for you to do so. Please note your balance must paid in full prior to the day of the intensive.

My calendar books up quickly so when you book your discovery call, we can take a look at the calendar and see what dates are available.

You will leave the organizing in my hands on the day of the Organization Intensive, but you do need to be available via Voxer or Messenger to answer any questions I have as I’m working on your account organization. Or your VA/OBM can be available instead if that’s who I should be directing the questions to.

Following the Canva Organization Intensive, you will have 30 days to email or message me with any questions that you have about the organization work that I completed for you.

It is my goal to empower you with the skills that you need to maintain your Canva organization on your own, so if you’re stuck on how to do something, just ask! In some cases, I’ll create a personalized video to walk you through how to do something in your Canva account.

I do need direct access to your Canva account for the day of the Organization Intensive, but you will be provided a couple of methods for sharing your login credentials to keep them as secure as possible.

Ready to get started?

Let’s set up a time to chat about conquering your hot mess Canva account.