A lot of my past video tips have focused on various features inside of Canva that you can use to create content… but I also think you need to understand what happens when you *delete* content from your Canva account.

This quick Canva tutorial takes a closer look at what happens when you delete images or designs in your Canva account.

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It’s important to understand the nuances of how deleting designs and media works on Canva.

When you delete designs, those designs are moved into the trash folder, which is automatically emptied every 30 days.

If it’s been under 30 days since you deleted a design, you can recover it. If it’s been more than 30 days, the design is gone.

Deletion works differently for media files.

When you delete images or videos, they also go into the trash folder but those items are NOT automatically emptied on a set schedule.

To permanently delete images or video, you need to do that manually within the trash, but if you take that step, you will lose that media from your designs.

When you manually delete media from the trash folder, you will be prompted with a warning that permanently deleting the media will impact any designs that contain it — and in this case, you *do* lose them from your designs.

However, if you’ve trashed media and leave them in the trash folder, your designs will not be impacted.

So my recommendation is to either:

  • create a folder structure to retain old images that you think you may possibly still need in past designs, for example creating an Archive folder, or
  • simply leave any deleted images or video in your trash folder. If you have images that are still in your trash folder, any designs that contain them will still be intact.

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