Canva includes every ingredient you need to create beautifully branded designs.

Imagine someone placing a dozen unmeasured baking ingredients, a set of mixing bowls, and a variety of pans in front of you. Then they ask you to prepare a dessert to serve after dinner tonight. Where do you start?

Unless you’re an experienced pastry chef or have binged copious episodes of The Great British Bake Off, you’d probably feel quite frustrated with a bunch of ingredients and no idea of how to use them together.

You want to make (and eat) a beautiful dessert, and you’re up to the challenge, but a set of instructions would be nice!

What if you’re told you can use your phone to look up some recipes? It would help, but it may take a while to find an option within your skill level. That you have all the right ingredients for. And that will be ready in time.

This is what using Canva is like without a good understanding of how to work with all of the ingredients at your fingertips.

There's more to Canva than just social media

Whether you're a course creator or service provider, grab a copy of "10 Ways to Use Canva in Your Business" for some Canva inspiration.

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How to Work With Me

The Canva Pantry

If you know how to bake a cake but only if you have a recipe to follow, The Canva Pantry is by far my best option for you. You like to experiment in Canva but feel frustrated when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it.

This is a low-cost monthly subscription that includes a searchable Canva video tip vault.

Coming Soon

The Canva Recipe

If you’ve never baked a cake without a mix before, this is the option for you. You’re low in Canva confidence and want to master the basics with the support of a knowledgeable guide. The Canva Recipe is offered twice a year for course creators and service providers.

I’ll be at your side, teaching you how to bake a delicious Canva “cake” from scratch so you have the confidence and skills you need to expand your baking horizons.

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The Canva Caterer

If you just want the cake already, buy it. With a VIP Day, I’ll be your personal Canva pastry chef for hire so that you have the cake of your dreams. We can use your day to get organized and take control of your hot mess Canva account with a custom Canva filing system.

Or, I can take you step-by-step through the process of customizing a template so you have consistently branded designs for your business.

Coming soon

Rave Reviews

“I was a novice Canva user until Brenda began sharing her knowledge. Her mini-course was a game changer! Brand kits, organizing folders, and removing backgrounds - wow! I'm a forever fan!”

Beth Cannon

“I honestly thought that I knew my way around Canva. And then I took Brenda’s courses and the veil was lifted. Lessons are clear, concise, and laid out in a way that's absolutely perfect for my ADHD brain. Thanks, Brenda!”

JL Mann , Sales Copywriter

“OMG! I actually can't believe the transformation in my Canva!!! I just finished moving everything into folders that makes sense. I LOVE designing, but honestly there's always been a level of stress and frustration because I'd waste so much time looking for things. I'm starting on some new designs today and it's the most lovely feeling to have 8 years of designs and images properly filed. I can now enjoy the creative process even more!”

Susan Beck

“Do you know what it’s like to be so frustrated that you can’t think clearly? That’s how I am with tech issues. I’ve spent far too many wasted hours unsuccessfully searching online for solutions to my Canva problems. Brenda has given me straightforward solutions that all worked perfectly. No more wasted time. For my business, her expertise is priceless.”

Christi Cano , Get Spa Info

“While I’ve been familiar with Canva for quite some time, branding my work and making everything look cohesive has been on ongoing challenge since day one. Brenda helped me discover what fonts I should use, what colors I should use, photos and styles I should use as well, and now my work has a fully cohesive look and branding to it. It doesn’t look DIY any more!”

Felicia Zammit , Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley

“I loved the course! It was the guidance I needed to take my Canva ads to the next level. I was able to follow along at my own pace and implement great tips and tricks. I have been able to complete my brand kit for easy use of fonts and logos and also now know how to use several features of Canva I didn’t previously know how to that save me a lot of time and frustration. Thank you Brenda!”

Doris Ward , Doris Ward Coaching