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Canva Verified Expert, natural organizer, patient teacher, and lover of online tech

Brenda Cadman is a Canva Verified Expert (currently one of only 37 worldwide), and owner of Bon Accord Creative, a WordPress development company based in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Brenda has been an entrepreneur for more than 22 years, and as a Canva expert, she’s taught thousands of small business owners how to use Canva more effectively and efficiently.

In particular, she loves to help business owners tame their hot mess Canva accounts by creating an organizational system that ensures they can spend less time in Canva, and more time doing what they love.

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Podcast Interview Topics

Some example topics we could chat about include:

  • How to Get Organized in Canva (aka How to Conquer Your Hot Mess Canva Account)
  • How to Create Graphics in Canva That Don’t Look DIY
  • The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making in Canva
  • How to Use Canva to Support Your [industry] Business (e.g. Coaching)
  • How to Use Canva as a [Business Type] (e.g. Course Creator)

Podcast Interview Examples

Imperfect Marketing

Host: Kendra Corman

Episode #8: Imperfect Marketing with Guest Brenda Cadman, Canva Expert

Brenda Cadman was an amazing guest on my podcast. My goal is to help small business owners and solopreneurs do better marketing and Brenda truly delivered on that promise for me and my audience. Brenda’s interview is one of my top downloaded episodes. Taking a visual medium and making it understandable to people over an audio medium really demonstrates her knowledge of the platform. I look forward to hosting Brenda again in the future.

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Mom Coaches Getting Clients

Host: Kathy Stowell

Episode #208: Simplifying Canva with Brenda Cadman

Having Brenda on The Mom Coaches Getting Clients Podcast was a delight. My audience, mom coaches, are all obsessed with Canva to use in their marketing efforts. So much so I assumed their accounts were as messy as mine. Brenda came on and offered strategic tips and examples to get your Canva organized that were super valuable and doable as well as having such a great resource to offer my beloved listeners at the end of our conversation. Loved having her on my show!

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The Long Game

Host: Sandra Scaiano

Episode #114: The Canva Recipe with Brenda Cadman

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Bloggers Creating Courses

Host: Verity Sangan

Episode #17: How to Up Your Canva Game

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