If you’d like to have all of your logos and logo variations available at your fingertips, you’ll want to take advantage of the Canva brand kit.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to upload your logos into the brand kit, and why having a transparent logo background is so important for polished looking images.

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You can upload your logo in various formats… as a JPG, a PNG file or as an SVG.

For most of you, when you are uploading your logo to Canva, it’ll be easiest to just upload it as a transparent PNG, but if you’re able to get an SVG version, that’s even better as you’ll be able to utilize it at any size.

But whichever format you use, be sure that your logo has a transparent background.

If you upload your logo as a JPG on a white background you are going to end up with a white box behind it and that just does not look as seamless or professional in your graphics.

Let’s jump on over to the brand kit page which you’ll find here in the left hand navigation.

You’ll see the Brand Kit page is broken down into three sections: your brand logos up here, your colour palettes and your brand fonts.

So to upload your logos, you’ll simply click on the plus sign here and go find the logo that you want to upload and then you just simply upload them… and you can see that I’ve uploaded transparent images there and the transparency is indicated by this grid pattern in the background.

So let me show you where you’re going to find those logos when you are designing an image.

When I open a design, I have Logos automatically showing here on the left hand side, but if you don’t see that appear for you, you’ll find it underneath the “More” tab.

When you select that folder, it will include all of the brand logos that you’ve uploaded into your brand kit, and all of them are going to be easy to find at your fingertips right here.

So I can easily choose one of my logos and there we go. So that’s extremely handy.

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