Imagine you are trying to create a spectacular Pinterest pin image, and you want to add some text to the pin to make it really stand out.

But when you add that text, you discover that it is blending into the photo in the background of your image. It’s difficult to read, and just isn’t ‘popping’.

The good news is that by using a simple shape and adjusting the transparency, you can create graphics that are not only beautiful, but also highly readable!

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You may have occasionally found yourself in a situation where you’re trying to create a design with text on it, but the text simply doesn’t seem very readable.

So I want to show you a quick fix for this problem.

You can use the shape element as an effective way to add contrast in your graphics and create better, more readable designs.

Here’s an example design with a background image and you can see that I’ve created some text over top of this image, and while you can read it, it doesn’t really stand out very well though. The contrast isn’t very good.

To fix this, I’m going to add a square shape and I’m going to fill the entire design space with it

I’m going to make it black and I’m going to pull this transparency slider down and then I’m going to send it backwards so that it is behind the text.

I’ll change the text to white.

And suddenly we have much better contrast, and you can play with the transparency here until you get the level of contrast that you feel is needed to ensure the image is still visible but still allowing for the text to be easily read.

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