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Canva for Beginners

Build your foundational Canva skills and confidence with this introduction to Canva course.

If you’re brand new to Canva, you may already be feeling overwhelmed about how to use the platform.

In this module, you’ll learn how to navigate the Canva platform and understand the features available to you.

  • Choose Your Plan: Free vs Pro
  • The Canva Dashboard
  • The Canva Design Editor
  • How to Create Folders

The goal of this module is to provide you with an overview of all of Canva’s elements and how to use them.

You can think of Elements as the building blocks of creating designs inside of Canva.

  • Text
  • Lines & Shapes
  • Graphics & Photos
  • Video & Audio
  • Frames & Grids
  • Tables & Charts

You’ve probably seen other business owners creating all sorts of beautiful designs in Canva, whether it’s social media graphics or workbooks or whatever it is.

If you’re new to Canva, the quickest way to create professional looking designs for your business is to start with a Canva template.

  • How to Find & Choose a Template
  • How to Customize a Template
  • How to Resize a Design
  • How to Save & Share a Template

Clean Up My Canva

Turn your hot mess Canva account into an efficient and intuitive Canva filing cabinet.

In under 30 minutes, you’ll learn my easy to follow 5-step framework to kick your Canva clutter to the curb!

  • Step 1: Delete & Archive
  • Step 2: Review & Rename
  • Step 3: Plan Your Folders
  • Step 4: Create Your Folders
  • Step 5: Batch Organize

Includes a workbook with worksheets to help you get organized.

Bonus Trainings included: How to Customize Your Canva Folder Thumbnails and How to Create a Custom Folder Banner

Create Your Canva Brand Kit

Learn how to use Canva’s brand kit to to create consistently branded marketing materials.

While this mini course doesn’t provide a deep dive into brand strategy, the first module provides direction on some of the steps to create your brand assets if you haven’t worked with a brand designer to help create your logo, brand colours and brand fonts.

All of which are components you’ll need in order to set up your Canva brand kit.

  • How to Create a Logo in Canva
  • How to Choose a Brand Colour Palette
  • How to Choose Your Brand Fonts
  • Where To Get Your Fonts
  • Your Brand Imagery

Once you have your visual brand assets created, it’s time to set up your Canva brand kit.

This module will walk you through the specific components you’ll need and how to set them up inside Canva for design success.

  • The Logo Variations You Need
  • How to Add Your Logo to Canva
  • How to Add a Colour Palette to Canva
  • How to Add Your Fonts to Canva
  • How to Create Multiple Brand Kits

In module 3, we’ll pull all the pieces together and look at how you can actually apply your brand kit components to customizing templates in Canva so that your images always look on brand.

  • How to Use Your Brand Kit

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Verified global Canva Expert, natural organizer, patient teacher, and lover of online tech (and cake)

In kindergarten, while my classmates played with dolls and dress up clothes, I could be found sorting marbles and buttons and other items in the drawers of my teacher’s storage cabinet… according to shape, colour, and size.

I’ve always loved bringing order to things in my environment, whether it’s paperclips and gel pens or filing cabinets and websites.

Long before I became a verified global Canva Expert, I worked as a professional organizer specializing in taming piles of paper and creating intuitive filing systems for professionals and business owners.

My passion for organizing has followed me everywhere and makes my life that much easier when the world is stressful. I might not know what’s happening tomorrow, but at least I know where everything is!

An entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I understand the importance of consistency in building a brand, and as Canva expert, I’ve taught thousands of small business owners how to make professional looking graphics in Canva.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canva for Beginners: No, you do not need to have Canva Pro to benefit from this this mini course. However, some of the features I include in the lessons will require Pro to take advantage of (e.g. the one-click resize feature).

Clean Up My Canva: No, you do not need to have Canva Pro to benefit from this course as Canva has now rolled out unlimited folders to both free and Pro users.

Create Your Canva Brand Kit: Yes, you will need to have Canva Pro to benefit from this course since the Brand Kit feature is only available on Canva Pro.

If you’re still on a free plan, you may want to grab a free 45 day trial of Canva Pro here.

These mini courses focus specifically on the standard desktop browser version of Canva and do not include any lessons about the mobile app version.

You’ll have immediate access to all of the lessons as soon as you join! These are self-paced courses, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll receive a welcome email with your unique login details to access the course website.

You will have lifetime access to the video lessons, which means you can go at your own pace and revisit the videos anytime you need. No need to feel rushed.

If you’re looking for an in-depth Canva program rather than small mini courses that only tackle specific Canva topics, you may prefer to join my 6-week program which opens for enrollment twice per year (April and October). It is my signature program and in addition to providing 6 modules of content, it also includes numerous opportunities for both live and asynchronous Canva support from me.

You can learn more about The Canva Recipe program and get on the wait list here.

Note that a Service Providers version of The Canva Recipe will also be offered during the next enrollment, in addition to the existing Course Creators program.

Due to the digital nature of these mini courses and the fact that the material in each course can be easily consumed in one sitting, refunds are not offered.

Still on the fence? Send my team an email with your questions.

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