In February 2023, I did an official training for Canva about how to get organized in your Canva account and there were a ton of questions that I didn’t have time to answer during the Q&A.

So, I’m answering them in this video series.

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I would LOVE to be able to get rid of the sea of imported templates mixed with my own designs I see when I open Canva. How can I delete a template that was shared to me?

Well, the bad news is that at this time, you can’t delete templates that have been shared with you.

And I know if you’ve been using Canva for sometime, you probably have a bit of a graveyard of old shared templates that you’d really like to clear out so hopefully Canva’s future features roadmap will include a way to delete those in the future.

But the good news is that while you can’t delete designs that have been shared with you, you don’t have to see them.

When you’re working in Canva, you should not be working from the home screen to find your designs, rather you should be working inside of the projects area.

And when you’re in Projects, you will notice some filters available to you at the top of the page under the project title.

The first filter enables you to change which designs and content you see in your project area.

If it is set to any owner, you will see everything, both your designs and anything that has been shared with you.

If you choose shared with you, you will only see designs that have been shared with you.

But if you choose your own name, then you will only see the designs that you have created, and this is going to enable you to hide all of those old shared templates that you no longer want to see.

While it would still be a better solution to be able to delete stuff that you no longer want shared access to, at this time, this is your best bet to be able to work from a clean Projects area in Canva.

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