This is a little hack that is going to save you a ton of frustrated and wasted time.

In this Canva tutorial, I’ll show you how to lock a grid or frame so that you can stop Canva from inadvertently changing images that you don’t want replaced.

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You may find that sometimes you will be working on a design that contains multiple components and you find yourself inadvertently dragging an image into a frame or grid that you do NOT want in that grid or frame.

For example, this graphic uses a grid on top of the laptop image and that’s where I want to put this title screen image for my free Canva training.

However, if I wanted to add the Canva logo over top of this training cover image, if I try to put the icon there, because this grid is here, it’s automatically pulling in the logo.

Not what I want.

And you may have encountered the same problem where you can’t seem to stop a grid or frame from being pulled in.

So instead, what I’m going to do is to *lock* the grid first, by selecting the grid, then clicking on the padlock icon in the top right menu.

Now when I add the Canva logo and drag it over top of that grid area, it does NOT pull it in.

By locking the grid image, it prevents any further changes from happening to that element.

This is not a technique that is obvious to a lot of users but it can save you from not just spending a lot of unnecessary time, but also from wanting to tear your hair out. 😉

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