In this quick Canva tutorial, let’s look at how to easily create a link to share your design so that other people can not only view it, but also make direct edits to a design.

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If you’ve created a design in Canva that you’d like to share with somebody else so that they can help edit your design, not just view it or make a copy of it, here’s how you do that.

Start by opening the design you want to share for editing, and then click on the “Share” button in the top right corner.

Next you’ll want to look to this area titled “Link sharing restricted”. The default will likely be “only people added”, so I’m going to change that to “anyone with the link”.

Then, you will likely already see the default setting here as “can edit,” so at this point you can click on the “copy link” button here.

Now that has been copied to your computer, and you can easily paste it into an email or wherever you need to share the design editing link.

Be aware that when you share a link with editing privileges, the person you’re sharing with will be able to completely change or delete the components in your design, so be cautious when it comes to providing this level of access.

Also, if you ever want to remove editing capabilities to a design, simply change the setting under “link sharing restricted” back to “only people added”, and then if someone attempts to use the editing link you created previously, they will receive an error message that they don’t have permission to see the design.

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