If you work as part of a team on Canva, or you’re collaborating with another business owner and have been added as team member to their account, you may have questions about how to efficiently share designs and images.

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For example, I recently received an email from a lovely designer who was going to be doing a project for one of her clients that required her updating all of the client’s digital products.

When she realized that being added to the client’s team did not automatically give her access to all of the designs and images she needed to modify, she was concerned that the client may need to share every single file to her individually.

And given that the client had over 250 designs to share, that was very understandably not a task she was looking forward to.

So she asked me if there is some magic way to give her access to everything as a team member in her client’s account.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, the good news is that this situation does not require that each and every design or image be shared individually. Instead, you’ll want to share designs at the folder level.

To do this, you as the account owner will need to put the designs and other content to be shared into a custom folder and then if you hover over the folder and click on the 3 dots, you’ll be able to access the share settings.

Once you share the folder, all of its contents will also be shared.

Note that an exception here is the Uploads folder, as Uploads folders are personal to each Canva user and cannot be shared, so any images to be shared will need to be added to a custom folder.

This is just another reason to create an images folder system rather than utilizing the Uploads folder, and if you haven’t seen my tutorial called “Stop Using the Uploads Folder!”, I would encourage you to watch that so you know how to approach your image organization more efficiently.

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