If you’ve been using Canva for any length of time, you know that they are always making improvements and adding new features. Previously you could only animate a whole page, but now Canva has added the ability to animate elements.

Maybe you’re thinking, “why would I need this?” or “how does this help me?”

With animated elements, you have the ability to create, eye-catching and dynamic video content that will allow you to stand out in a crowd of static images.

While you likely will not want to use animated elements in all of your designs, they are a fun new addition that you may want to try out!

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Until more recently, the only animation option in Canva was to apply animation to an entire page of your design. But you can now animate individual elements with Canva, which gives you a lot more control over adding a dynamic element to your designs.

You can use this feature to create video content or animated GIFs. For example, I have started using a little bit of element animation as part of my video outro for my Canva tip videos, including this one that you are watching now, so be sure to watch this right til the end if you’d like to see that in effect.

To use element animation, you can simply select an element in your design, whether that’s a line or a shape or text or a logo or an icon or whatever element you want to add animation to.

Then, click on “Animate”.

So if I wanted my Canva 101 logo here to *pop* onto the screen, I would simply choose the Pop animation option.

There are also a variety of other options here, including Pan, Rise, Tumble and others.

You can see by the crown icon there that some of these animation options are only available as part of a Canva Pro subscription.

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