By now you probably know that the area of Canva I love to teach the most is the various ways you can be more organized in Canva in order to create content more quickly.

And you’re probably also aware that I am an advocate for using the Projects area of Canva to locate and access your designs, rather than Canva’s homepage.

But there actually is one little organizational feature on the homepage that you might miss, so in this quick Canva video, I’ll show you how you can create a folder shortcut on your Canva home screen.

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I am a big advocate for using the Projects area of Canva to locate and access your Canva designs, rather than trying to find them through Canva’s home screen.

You will have complete control over creating folders and batch organizing your designs and images within the Projects section of your Canva account, whereas you don’t have that same capability on your Canva homepage.

Instead, the home screen is simply going to list all of your designs that you’ve worked in, with the most recently edited designs at the top, which is why I typically recommend browsing for your designs directly from the Projects tab, and skipping the homepage altogether.

Now that said, if you have specific Canva folders that you regularly work inside of, another technique that can help you be more efficient inside of Canva is to create a folder shortcut on your homepage, and you can achieve this by starring your desired folder.

To do this, start by going to Projects and open the folder that you want to create a shortcut to.

Simply click on the little star next to the folder title! When it is selected, the star will turn yellow.

Then, when you go back to your main Canva homepage, you will see your folder has been pinned to the left hand navigation in this new Starred area.

Make sure to keep this list of starred folders under control though, because if you add too many folders, suddenly it will become one more thing you have to sort through.

So, when you no longer need a folder to be pinned in this area, you can remove it by either hovering over the folder name and clicking on the X, or you can re-open that folder, and click the star again to un-star it.

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