Meet the Canva Creators

In Canva’s words, Canva Creators is “a program for creative people including graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, artists, and teachers, to share their work with over 85 million people and earn royalties.”

In other words, the Creators are the talented individuals who have created many of the Canva templates and elements that you might be using in your very own Canva designs.

In this series, I’ll introduce you to some of the skilled template and element designers that are part of the Canva Creators program.


Sal Frances

Meet Sal


Roger Coles

Meet Roger


Donna Moritz

Meet Donna


Hadas Avidor Goldin

Meet Hadas


Eugenia Brini

Meet Eugenia

United Kingdom

Darren Meredith

Meet Darren

United Kingdom

Nicky Pasquier

Meet Nicky


Agata Nesteruk

Meet Agata


Elisabeth Frisch

Meet Elisabeth

More Canva Creator profiles coming soon!

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