Having an organized folder system is really important to help you use Canva in a more efficient way, however one of the fastest ways to find a specific design can often be to use Canva’s search field.

Canva has made searching even easier for you now with the introduction of the ability to search for keywords that appear not just in your Canva design file names, but also any keywords that appear in the content of the design itself.

But I wanted to take a moment to show you how to use your search field properly, because there’s a common mistake I see a lot of Canva users making.

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A lot of the time, a Canva user will type in their keyword into the search field and then they get this subset of results here that automatically populates containing that keyword… and often, the file you’re looking for, is not going to be here.

This is where some users stop, because they can’t find what they’re looking for.

Instead, when you enter your keyword, you’ll want to make sure that you either click on this option at the bottom of the results that says “search for”, or you can just simply use the return key on your keyboard.

Either of those options are going to take you to a full search results page containing all designs, folders and media that contain that your keyword.

Then, you can refine and filter your search results by the owner… or by the type of file… or the design category… or by the modification date.

Also, if you want to help improve your results when it comes to finding your images through search, then using image tagging can be very helpful as well in terms of searching for content.

Note that image tagging is a Canva Pro feature specifically and you won’t have access to this feature on a free Canva plan.

You can access tagging by hovering over an image and clicking on the 3 dots. Then you’ll see here that you have an option to add keyword tags.

This is going to make it much easier for you to search for image content in your Canva account in the future.

For example, I could add the keyword “framework” to this image, then if I then search on the key word “framework” in the search bar and hit enter, you’ll see that the image now shows up in my search results for that term, even though “framework” isn’t in the name of the image file.

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