I do a lot of guest trainings about Canva for other communities, and whenever I’m talking with folks about branding and using the Canva brand kit, we often find ourselves chatting about fonts and how to create font consistency across their marketing materials.

A lot of business owners who are new-ish to business fall into the trap of using a slightly different brand kit for their social media graphics and lead magnets than they have in use on their website.

They may be using the same logo and colours but it’s not uncommon from me to hop over to their website via an Instagram graphic and quickly realize that the fonts in use on their website are not the same as what they’re using in social.

And often the reason is simple: they don’t know exactly what fonts are being used on their website.

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If you have a graphic designer or website designer, you can typically just ask them to fill in those blanks for you, but if you don’t have that option, I want to share with you a free tool that is going going to be helpful: The WhatFont Chrome extension.

Now to use this tool, you’ll need to use the Chrome browser, and you will start by going to the WhatFont extension page that looks like this, and you can add it to your Chrome browser.

Once it is installed, here’s how you’re going to use this.

If I click on my Chrome extensions, and then I choose the WhatFont extension, now you’re going to see that there is this little trailing tool tip attached to my cursor, and when I hover over any piece of text on a website, it is going to tell me *exactly* what font that text is.

Additionally, if you click on a piece a text while you’re using this extension, it’s also going to tell you not only the name of the font being used, so you can see the family here, but it’s also going to tell you the style, the font weight, the size, the line height, and the font colour in use.

Which means that if you have been in a position where you don’t know what fonts are being used on your website, not only are you going be able to find out the font name, you will also be able to determine exactly the font style and the formatting that is in use on your website.

And that also means that you will now know what fonts to use to ensure you are designing font consistent marketing materials in Canva.

At the end of the day, the goal here is brand consistency. I want to see you using the same logo and colour palette across all of your marketing materials, and you also want to make sure that you are using the same fonts and font hierarchy.

And this is a free little tool that can help you do that.

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