What’s New in Canva in March 2024?

Below is a summary of all of the new and updated features and apps added to Canva in March 2024.

Face Retouch in Photo Editor

An effect in photo editor that can automatically detect face area and smooth skin texture to help users to feel more confident about themselves.

Improved Messaging in Trash

Canva has improved messaging in the Trash to make it easier for users to understand what happens to items they’ve trashed. This includes updated empty states and action names, an expanded help article, and a new banner when there are items in the trash.

Global Search Bar

You can now refine your search by applying a filter directly into the Global Search Bar, on the projects toggle, helping you to find what you are looking for, faster! How to access: Type “search” in the search bar; Click on the filters; Filter by desired output.

Whiteboards: Sort by Name, Color, Topic

Brainstorming is exciting, but at times it is an exhaustingly manual process especially in the synthesis stages. In order to make this a more magical experience, Canva has enabled users to sort sticky notes by author name, color, or topic (powered by OpenAI) in one click.

Search in Folders

Allows users to search for content within specific folders.

Desktop App: Drag Tabs to a New Window

No more switching back and forth between tabs. With this new update, you can now work on multiple designs simultaneously, side by side or have all your related designs grouped together, making it easy to view, compare, and switch between your designs seamlessly all you have to do is drag the tabs out, position them where you’d like, and voila; your workspace is optimized for productivity and efficiency.

Export Canva Docs to Docx

Allow users to export Canva Docs in a responsive, editable format.

Move to Folder Within the Folder Header

Imagine your colleague sends you a link to a folder and you want to move it into another folder. In the past, you’d have to go to Projects and try to find the folder there to move it. Now, you can easily move the folder within the folder page via the “…” button

Magic Write Streaming

Allows users to see the generated content immediately and regenerate it without losing the prompt. Also, with this release, we significantly improved the formatting of the responses.

Navigation Updates

Canva pushed some updates lie to simplify the navigation experience across Projects & folders.

Excel as a Data Source for Bulk Create

This improvement will allow users to bulk create designs with data from Excel. Canva also now includes support for images within XLSX spreadsheets. Users can include images within their Excel spreadsheet cells and import them into image frames within Canva when bulk creating.

Ideation (Expand to Whiteboards)

Users will be able to ideate in more designs by being able to expand pages to Whiteboards.

Personalized Profile Social Cards

Shared Creator profile URLs are now personalized to include the avatar of the profile page owner.

New Canva Apps in March 2024

Note that I have not tested any of these apps, unless otherwise noted. Sometimes the apps are useful tools and great time savers. Other times, they’re definitely not. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ve linked to each apps respective details page so you can obtain more information and determine for yourself if it’s something you’d like to give a whirl.

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