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I’ll be honest that I don’t tend to use a lot of the apps available in Canva, even though there are SO many of them now at your disposal. Some of the apps can be very useful, whereas others leave, in my humble opinion, a lot to be desired.

But once in a while, I come across an app that I can immediately see a very specific use for, and as you may know, I tend to focus on organization and time saving tips.

So let me introduce you to a newly released Canva app called “Design to Image” which enables you to convert a Canva design to an image in a click.

Basically it’s going to help you streamline your design workflow by eliminating the need for you to first download and then re-upload any of your designs as images, saving you a bunch of valuable time and effort in the design process.

So for example, without this app, if I wanted to create a graphic to promote my Canva Organization Roadmap, which is also designed inside of Canva, I would first have to download my roadmap design cover as an image. Then, I could re-upload it in image format, so that I could pull it into a grid as part of a new design.

Or perhaps I’m creating a slide design to promote my Canva organization course, and once again, that title image is created in Canva, so in the past, I would first download that title design as an image, and then upload it back into Canva so I can pull it into this design grid.

But let’s save some time with the Design to Image app.

Here’s that title image again, and this time, I’ll open the app and select “Convert to image.”

It’ll ask me to specify the file type and then you’ll see all the same download options here that you would regularly have when you save an image.

So for example, if I’m downloading this as a PNG file, I can choose the size, whether I want a transparent background, I can compress the file if I wanted to, and I can specify the page that I want to export.

I just want this first Clean Up My Canva cover image, so I’ll select page 1, and I’ll keep these other settings as is. And then I’m going to choose Export.

And now, rather than having to go re-upload that image into Canva, it has already been added to my Uploads folder, and I can easily access and pull that into my design in a more streamlined and efficient way.

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