One of the uses you may not have considered using Canva for is to create various types of printed products.

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You can see if I go to Canva’s homepage and then click on this “Print Products” item in the header, that it’s going to bring up a variety of options with sections for marketing materials, gifts, stationery, clothing, and cards and invites.

And one of the most recent print products I’ve created in Canva is my holiday cards for this year, so I wanted to walk you through the process of creating your own holiday cards.

To get started with creating a custom card, I would recommend hopping into the template library.

So let’s use the search field, and I will search for “folded card” and then you’ll see a variety of options show up, including both portrait and landscape formats.

In the filter selection on the left-hand side of the page, I can narrow it down to just show portrait results, or just show landscape results.

You can also narrow down the style of the card results, just as you can with any other template searches, so for example, I might choose “minimal” to reduce the number of options.

And at this stage you can simply find a template that fits your needs and use it as a starting point to customize, or if you prefer, you can create a blank folded card if you want to start from scratch.

You’ll also see that you can narrow down the results by selecting from these various keyword tags, so I could click on “Christmas” to just get results of Christmas card templates.

Or “New Year” to get related templates.

Or I could search on “Hanukkah folded card” to get relevant results for Hanukkah.

So this is the card I started with for my holiday cards this year…

And this is what the final customized version looks like.

You’ll see that I didn’t end up doing a ton of customization…

On the front of the card, I changed the image and the text, and I updated the font color and formatting.

On the back, I added a “Made in Canva” note and the date.

And on the inside, I updated the fonts and colors, I added my B icon from my branding, I added a little sign off here, and I adjusted the spacing at the top to allow space for me to hand write in the name of the card recipient.

Once I was happy with the way it looked and I wanted to send it for print, I just clicked on “print folded cards,” and at this point of the process, you can see a mockup of what that card looks like.

You do want to be careful when selecting your pages to print and ensure that you have correctly set the outside and inside pages.

Then you’ll select your paper type and finish. I typically go with deluxe paper because I like a heavier card stock, and I usually go with a matte finish so that I can write on it, but depending on your design and your preferences, you might prefer to choose a different finish.

Then you’ll choose how many cards you want to print and select whether or not you want Canva to include envelopes in your order. I tend to always say yes because I want to make sure I have the exact envelope size that I need.

From there, you’ll go through the rest of the ordering process in terms of shipping destination and payment.

Your shipping time will likely depend a lot on where you live, but I had my finished cards within a few days and I am now busily prepping them to send out in early December.

If you do use Canva to create your own holiday cards, whether for your business or personal use, I would love to see a picture of them. Feel free to hop into our How to Use Canva Facebook group and share.

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